As driver education teachers we have the responsibility of helping to keep our student drivers safe. A multi-pronged strategy of education, enforcement, and technical innovation is helping to reduce the number of traffic crash fatalities among teen drivers. Below are some samples of new safety technology that you can share with the parents of your students. Reinforce that while technology is advancing, it does not take the place of good driving practices and close parental supervision.

Vehicle equipped technology
Motor vehicles incorporate technology such as antilock breaking systems, traction control, electronic stability systems, and back-up sensing systems to help avoid crashes. In addition, select car models come equipped with advanced safety features. The MyKey System allows parents to control top speed, volume of stereo and seatbelt usage. Driver Alert Control monitors whether the vehicle is being driven in a controlled manner and the City Safety technology senses a potential crash and will actually apply the brakes.

Text messaging while driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes, and it is illegal while driving in New Jersey. There is a wide variety of smart phone apps designed to help reduce distractions while your teen is driving and keep their passengers safer on the road.