Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and disability in teens and young adults, including brain injury, but most crashes are preventable. This web site was developed by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey as a resource for Parents, Educators and Students throughout the state.

Parents – to help increase awareness and educate parents about the risks of teen drivers. We recognize that an informed parent plays a key role in keeping teens safe on our roads.

Educators – to provide material that is timely and pertinent, for use in the classroom and as an exchange for teachers among their peers. We recognize the important role educators play in teaching new drivers the skills they need on the road.

Students – designed for teens, gives tools and resources to new drivers to help make them safer on the roads, including GDL law information, true stories, pictures and videos, statistics, and safety tips.

We also offer the UGotBrains Champion Schools Program, an opportunity for New Jersey high school students and staff to develop campaigns that address teen driving safety based on a specific topic.  We seek cutting edge projects to raise awareness and impact new drivers. The schools utilize social media, videos, blogs, traditional media and other means to spread their message. Some ideas include text messaging, Facebook, blogging, morning school announcements, developing t-shirts for classmates, bracelets, making videos, etc.

Teen Safe Driving is funded through the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety. Protecting our children is everyone’s concern. Working together we can keep our teens safe.